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Corsec partners with IT companies worldwide to manage the process of security certifications and validations. Our approach mitigates the risks associated with certifications while increasing go-to-market readiness, brand reputation and financial returns. Corsec’s perfected methodology also helps open doors to new markets and increase revenue for clients, with products ranging from mobile phones to satellites. Corsec’s broad knowledge safeguards against common pitfalls and thwarts delays, translating to a swift and seamless path to certification.

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Common Criteria
Corsec Security Inc - Comon Criteria Certification

Join the exclusive list of solutions approved by The Global Participants for IT Security


FIPS 140-2
Corsec Security Inc - Fips 140-2 Certification

Deploy your cryptographic solution in any
federal or commercial security system


UC APLCorsec Security Inc - UC APL Certification

Become a trusted security solution sold to the
US Department of Defense


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